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Swimming and Sunbathing at the Lansersee Lake

There is no better way to enjoy a hot summer's day than with a quick dip in the natural alpine lake Lansersee, a wonderful gem of nature in a lovely setting. After an exciting hike in the mountains, you can relax your weary muscles in the alpine moor lake in Lans, which is popular with locals due to its natural healing properties. The water surface is measured at 35.000 m2, with lush lawns and located along a beautiful forest. The water of the lake is very clear and the quality is excellent.

Children absolutely adore the playground, the shallow children's pool, the ball playing area, the diving tower, and the exciting island in the centre of the lake. There are special, carefully segregated naturist areas available at the lake. The restaurant offers various meals and there is no better place to enjoy your food than on the sunny terrace with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

The lake is open from the beginning of May through to the end of September from 9am until 7pm. (except on bad weather days)

Swimming and Sunbathing at the Lanser See Lake

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Les saveurs de Lans

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