Innsbrucks l'offre de congé se trouve à vous à des pieds.

Innsbruck – Modern City Rich in Culture and History

Golden roof and city tower Innsbruck

The capital city of the Alps, Innsbruck, is located close to the charming village of Lans. Visit this wonderful city rich in culture, which is only a short trip by bus, tram, or car away. Otherwise, you can take the time to walk there along a beautiful forest path. The famous city surrounded by mountains has a great variety of different shops, inviting cafes, as well as traditional and international restaurants. 

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Architectural Beauty and Shopping Bliss

Architectural beauty and shopping bliss

The city of Innsbruck offers unique representations of historical monuments through the ages. With a spectacular alpine backdrop, you will find historical gems ranging from medieval times to the Baroque period, balanced successfully with modern architectural masterpieces. It comes as no surprise that this stunning city in the heart of the Alps was chosen more than once as the setting of the Olympic games.

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Ambras Castle and Wilten Monastery

WAmbras castle and Wilten monastery

A romantic walk though the forest in Lans leads you to the beautiful gardens of Ambras castle.

The garden is wonderful and very peaceful, ideal for a moments rest on one of the benches. Take a look at the spectacular herb garden by Philippine Welser, feed the ducks at the pond, and take a look at the chamber of art and curiosities.

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Alpenzoo Innsbruck

Innsbruck Alpenzoo

Experience the stunning wildlife and unique plants of the Alps. More than 150 species and 2000 alpine animals like the alpine-eagle, ibex, beaver, bear and alpine-goat will brighten up your day. All these animals can be seen at the Alpenzoo high above the rooftops of Innsbruck. Besides the amazing fun to be had watching the unusual animals, children also love the playground with the exciting bear-cave while adults can take some time to enjoy the stunning view.

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Bergisel Ski Jump and Tyrol Panorama

Bergisel ski jump

The Olympic ski-jump on the historically important Bergisel mountain was designed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid. The modern construction is visible from the city centre and a must-see destination in Innsbruck. Take the opportunity to witness the spot where the brave young men fly off the jump like a soaring eagle. The Panoramacafé is the best place to enjoy a coffee while embracing the spectacular views of the city of Innsbruck and the beautiful surrounding mountains.

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Grassmayr Bell Museum

Grassmayr Bell Museum

Family Grassmayr from Innsbruck has been casting bells for a staggering 14 generations, with their bells chiming in various different cities all over the world. The bell foundry and museum was awarded the prestigious Austrian museum award and offers a unique insight into the process of casting this grand musical instrument as well as the mystical art of this age-old trade.

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The Sightseer and Innsbruck Card

 Innsbruck all inclusive Card

The convenient shuttle bus "The sightseer" is the best way to see all the sights of Innsbruck. The bus stops at all the important sights and you can hop on and hop off as many times as you wish.

The fair is included in the Innsbruck all inclusive Card, which also offers a lot of other advantages like reduced entrance prices and included services.

Lans-Innsbruck aktiv erleben

Sports et détente à Lans près d'Innsbruck

De nombreux loisirs sont disponibles toute l'année. À Lans près d'Innsbruck, sports, culture et repos vous attendent!
Activités à Lans

Naturoase Lansersee

Calme et repos près d'Innsbruck

En hiver comme en été, évadez-vous dans les paysages paisibles et pittoresques de Lans!
Lans, un bijou naturel

Innsbruck Card

Bons plans et événements à Innsbruck

Profitez des avantages de l'Innsbruck Card. Découvrez les nombreuses attractions, les monuments et événements que vous offre la capitale des Alpes !


Les saveurs de Lans

Célèbre pour cuisine moderne et traditionelle et ambiance tyrolienne: nos auberges à Lans Gasthof Isserwirt, Gasthof Walzl, ...

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Les saveurs de Lans

Découvrez les délicieux plats des auberges de tradition et des restaurants authentiques de Lans !

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