For the Most Beautiful Day of your Life

The picturesque village of Lans is the ideal setting for your special wedding day.

Celebrate your love in this popular location for weddings and find everything you ever wished for on the most important day of your life.

The beautiful Saint Lambert parish church or the quaint "Heilig Wasser" pilgrimage church are very popular venues for weddings due to their unique charm.

Registry offices are nearby, with one in Sistrans, and two in Innsbruck: at the historical Golden Roof and the modern Rathausgalerien.


For your reception in Lans, you are spoilt for choice and the Gasthaus Walzl, Isserwirt and Wilder Mann are often referred to as specialists when it comes to weddings. Not only can they all serve up the most amazing meals for you and your guests, they will gladly help you with your wedding planning as they have years of experience to draw from.

Celebrate your love in a cosy traditional "Stube", elegant banquet hall, sunny terrace, or a beautiful flower garden. To top off your wedding day with an extra touch of magic you can arrange a horse-drawn carriage and fireworks. The wonderful village of Lans, beautiful restaurants, stunning views all add to the magic and guarantee the most stunning wedding pictures of your dream wedding.



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Sports et détente à Lans près d'Innsbruck

De nombreux loisirs sont disponibles toute l'année. À Lans près d'Innsbruck, sports, culture et repos vous attendent!
Activités à Lans

Naturoase Lansersee

Calme et repos près d'Innsbruck

En hiver comme en été, évadez-vous dans les paysages paisibles et pittoresques de Lans!
Lans, un bijou naturel

Innsbruck Card

Bons plans et événements à Innsbruck

Profitez des avantages de l'Innsbruck Card. Découvrez les nombreuses attractions, les monuments et événements que vous offre la capitale des Alpes !


Les saveurs de Lans

Célèbre pour cuisine moderne et traditionelle et ambiance tyrolienne: nos auberges à Lans Gasthof Isserwirt, Gasthof Walzl, ...

Aux tuyaux


Les saveurs de Lans

Découvrez les délicieux plats des auberges de tradition et des restaurants authentiques de Lans !

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