Offertes d’été à Lans près du lac et en montagne

Biking in Lans and Innsbruck

The alpine region of Lans and Innsbruck is unique in its versatility and is ideally suited for biking trips of any kind. There are numerous lovely trails to choose from, with various different difficulty levels and length, on a total of 115 kilometres (71,5 miles), between 600 and 2.250 metres (1970 to 7380 ft.) above sea-level. One of the popular routes leads directly from Lans to the Meisner Haus, as well as many other trails from Lans to different traditional Tyrolean mountain huts and even all the way up to the Patscherkofel mountain.

No matter if you prefer a mountain bike or an e-bike, there are many routes that will be suitable for you and easy to navigate by yourself. However, if you want to benefit from some local knowledge, there are many guided tours available. There are rental bikes available, and with the Innsbruck Card, you have got the opportunity to rent a bike for free for three hours.


For a more relaxed biking experience, the Inntal valley biking trail offers a wonderful route to enjoy at a leisurely pace and is a lot of fun for the entire family.

Biking in Lans and Innsbruck

Lans-Innsbruck aktiv erleben

Sports et détente à Lans près d'Innsbruck

De nombreux loisirs sont disponibles toute l'année. À Lans près d'Innsbruck, sports, culture et repos vous attendent!
Activités à Lans

Naturoase Lansersee

Calme et repos près d'Innsbruck

En hiver comme en été, évadez-vous dans les paysages paisibles et pittoresques de Lans!
Lans, un bijou naturel

Innsbruck Card

Bons plans et événements à Innsbruck

Profitez des avantages de l'Innsbruck Card. Découvrez les nombreuses attractions, les monuments et événements que vous offre la capitale des Alpes !


Les saveurs de Lans

Célèbre pour cuisine moderne et traditionelle et ambiance tyrolienne: nos auberges à Lans Gasthof Isserwirt, Gasthof Walzl, ...

Aux tuyaux


Les saveurs de Lans

Découvrez les délicieux plats des auberges de tradition et des restaurants authentiques de Lans !

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