Alpine Summer Holiday in Lans at the Lake

Kneipp Facility with Forest Aroma

The Kneipp facility is located south of the Lanserhof and is a very popular treatment for ailments in a very simple, yet effective, form. It always consists of a pool of clear, fresh, and cool mountain water which is  no more than knee-deep. You wade in the water and your circulatory system is jump started by rushing blood to your cooling feet. The healing properties of the water has proven to be a quick and effective treatment for tense muscles, circulation and blood-pressure problems, headaches, and is said to prevent varicose veins.

The facility is incorporated beautifully into its natural surroundings and is equipped with a pools for arms and legs, balancing beams, a feel-sensation corner, and stilt-walking.

Embrace the wonderful cold water, the revitalizing sensation, the untainted forest air. An invigorating experience for your mind, body, and soul.

Kneipp Facility in Lans near Innsbruck

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Sport and Activities in Lans–Innsbruck

Recreational fun throughout the year in Lans near Innsbruck. Sport, culture, and relaxation.

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Natural Gem Lanser See Lake

Quiet Oasis near Innsbruck

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Lansersee lake and its natural moor water.

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Innsbruck Card

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Indulge in Lans

Indulge in Lans

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